Responsibly Sourced

Responsibly sourced

We have established strict controls that allow us to guarantee that all our raw material comes only from Responsible Fishing Practices.

We have established strict controls that allow us to guarantee that all our raw material comes only from Responsible Fishing Practices.

We have been pioneer

We have been pioneer joining the main associations and initiatives aimed at the conservation of marine resources and in the active fight against illegal fishing activities.


JEALSA RIANXEIRA, S.A.U. is a participating company in the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (

The ISSF’s mission

The ISSF’s mission is to carry out science-based actions to guarantee the sustainability of the marine resources for the long term and the health of the ecosystem.

Purchase policy

Jealsa Rianxeira’s sustainability policy is based on:

  • The ISSF’s conservation measures.
  • International Law.
  • The FAO’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.
  • The European Code for Responsible Fisheries Practices.

The objective of our Sustainability Policy is to establish guidelines for the responsible sourcing of the raw materials that guarantee they come only from Responsible Fishing Practices.

Support the RFMOs

We support the RFMOs (Regional Fisheries Management Organisations) by sourcing tuna only caught by flagged vessels in member or cooperating countries.

Traceability and Transparency

We have complete traceability from the fishing vessel to the end consumer. We inform the different RFMOs of our purchases on a quarterly basis. The raw material species and the catch area are indicated on all of our branded products.

Reduction of Bycatch and Good Practices

We condemn shark finning (act of removing fins from sharks and discarding the rest of the shark into the sea), we do not buy from companies or vessels that are involved or have been involved in such practices and all of our suppliers must have a policy that clearly prohibits it. We do not buy tuna caught by drift nets. All fishing vessels that supply us must retain on board 100% of the catches. The skippers and captains of these fishing vessels must be trained in good fishing practices.

Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

All fishing vessels that supply us must have an UVI identification number, onboard observer and carry out transshipments at designated ports.

Fight against IUU Fishing

All tuna we buy complies with the requirements established under Council Regulation (EC) No 1005/2008 of 29 September 2008, intended to eliminate Illegal Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Limitations on Fishing Capacity

We believe that fishing effort should not increase further; we only buy tuna caught by fishing vessels operating by the end of 2012 or, after, if their construction has abided by the guidelines set out by the ISSF on this.

PVR (ProActive Vessel Register)

The PVR is the most effective mechanism to identify fishing vessels that have implemented science-based sustainable fishing practices; 100% of the tuna processed by Jealsa comes from vessels registered under the PVR. Jealsa does not buy tuna caught by Longline fishing vessels (caught by long line), but, if it does in the future, it will definitely need to come from vessels registered on the PVR.

Marine Protected Areas

We are respectful with Marine Protected Areas and seasonal spawning and growth area closure. We do not buy raw material from such areas or from overexploited or threatened areas.

Dolphin Safe

Jealsa is a company adhered to the Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Safe Program, aimed at preventing dolphins from being harmed during fishing for tuna and we demand that all of our suppliers also participate.

EU Approval Number

All fishing vessels supplying raw material to Jealsa must have an EU Approval Number (if applicable due to their characteristics).

Working Conditions

All fishing vessels supplying raw material to Jealsa must comply with the standards set out in the ILO Work Fishing Convention No. 188 (ILO = International Labour Organization).