Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has announced that the company Jealsa Rianxeira has attained the MSC certification for its yellowfin tuna caught as free bank mode in the Atlantic Ocean.

The fishing vessels Sant Yago Uno and Sant Yago Tres can carry the blue MSC label for yellowfin tuna caught as free bank mode, having demonstrated the sustainability of the fishery after successfully passing the most demanding fishery audit process in conformance with the MSC Standard after an 18-month evaluation.

The MSC Fisheries Standard, widely recognized as the world’s most rigorous and credible extractive fishery sustainability assessment process, has three core principles: sustainable fish stocks; minimising environmental impact; and effective fisheries management. Jealsa’s certification has been carried out by the independent certifier Bureau Veritas according to the three principles mentioned.

Jealsa, the first canned fish and shellfish manufacturer in Spain and global leader in environmental technology and innovation, is a company committed to the environment, sustainability of raw materials and the care for the sea. Within its environmental policy, the Galician company has been a pioneer in being part of projects such as the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) whose mission is to carry out science-based actions to guarantee the sustainability of the marine resources for the long term and the health of the ecosystem. Now it has wanted to go one step further, and has attained for its own fleet the MSC label that guarantees its fishing sustainability.

«From MSC we want to give our most sincere congratulations to Jealsa-Rianxeira Group for having achieved the MSC certification in its fishing division. Spain has great importance worldwide in tuna catches. Commitment to sustainability as shown by Jealsa-Rianxeira’s Group is essential to move the sector forward towards best practices. This achievement goes to show that the company is one of the pioneering companies in Spain and in the world in terms of both innovation and concern for sustainability of the ocean its products come from.
We encourage Jealsa-Rianxeira to continue working to further improve its level of sustainability and meet the strict requirements that the MSC programme demands to keep this certification».

Laura Rodríguez, MSC director for Spain and Portugal.


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