The Rianxeira range received the Flavour of the Year recognition from consumers after a blind sensory analysis in independent and accredited laboratories.

  • Rianxeira’s tuna has MSC’s blue seal and/or is pole & line caught.
  • The distinguished products were blind-tested by a panel of more than 80 consumers.
  • Rianxeira continues to position itself as the best sustainable alternative for current consumer demand.

Madrid, 20th February 2020. The Jealsa Group’s sustainable new range of Rianxeira canned tuna and shellfish, was distinguished as 2020 FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR. On this occasion, Rianxeira’s canned light tuna products received the quality seal 2020 Sustainable Flavour of the Year from a jury made up of consumers in a blind tasting session.

All tuna used in the recently launched Rianxeira new range of sustainable canned fish and shellfish, is MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Council, the world’s most demanding sustainable fishing standard) and/or individually pole & line caught.

Also, they all have the right touch of ecological oil or mineral water, maintaining all the juiciness and flavour of the products and avoiding the waste of oil, as each litre of oil discarded down the drain contaminates up to 1000 litres of water from rivers and seas, forming a coating that prevents correct oxygenation.

On the other hand, all materials used in the manufacture of cartonettes and cans of the whole range are 100% recyclable and have a clean label, with the list of ingredients as product name.

“To be distinguished by the consumers as one of the best sustainable alternatives is, for us, a recognition of great value of the efforts we put in elaborating a high quality and environment friendly product”, said Juan Carlos Cordeiro, director of the Rianxeira brand.

The Rianxeira range is distinguished by the consumers

The FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR recognition implies passing one of the most demanding tests: the consumers. To grant this quality seal, a blind sensory analysis is carried out in independent and accredited laboratories by a panel of more than 80 consumers.

The products tested are evaluated from 0 to 10 following five different criteria (flavour, appearance, aroma, texture and general satisfaction), in addition to a series of attributes related to each specific category. An average is obtained from the results. Only when the result is higher than 6 and only if it is simultaneously the highest score of the product category, the FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR recognition is granted.

The particular Rianxeira products which have been distinguished are light tuna with a touch of mineral water, light tuna with a touch of sunflower oil and light tuna with a touch of ecological olive oil, the latter receiving one of the highest scores.

The awards ceremony for all the products recognized as FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR 2020 was held in the morning of 20th February.


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