This activity is part of the programme «Caring for the Sea», promoted by the company Jealsa and the Ecomar Foundation.

Carragueiros beach was cleared of waste yesterday, after the thorough cleaning activity of a group of 48 volunteers, made up of students and teachers from «Santa María do Castro school». The environmental brigade removed no less than 253kg of waste after a morning of intensive activity where the weather also helped.

The campaign is part of the coastal cleaning programme promoted by the Boiro cannery and the Ecomar Foundation. The development of this type of initiatives is one of the main ideas of We Sea, Jealsa’s social responsibility and sustainability programme.

Ángeles Claro, Jealsa’s director of sustainability and Marga Hermo, Jealsa’s director of institutional relations also took part in this. Between all of them they removed many cigarette butts, cans and, especially, many plastic items that should have not been there. All waste items were conveniently packed in bags for disposal.

Ángeles Claro, sustainability director, confirmed: «raising awareness of the importance of protecting the oceans is a priority for us, especially since we are a company totally linked to the sea».

A workshop first

The environmental day began with a workshop where Ecomar experts explained the importance of recycling to the students participating in the initiative. They also indicated that the reuse of elements that are used on a regular basis is the best way to generate less waste that can later end up in the oceans.

The initiative is framed within Jealsa’s, We Sea, corporate social responsibility programme, which brings together all the company’s actions in the area of sustainability. Likewise, the company points out that this action plan perfectly defines the active commitment that involves the entire corporation. The programme groups together all the work and investment made by Jealsa to guarantee a solid and determined action in favour of sustainability. It is divided into five main ideas: responsible fishing and purchasing, quality policies, commitment to renewable energy and the environment, social commitment and investment in R&D&I.

Similar activity in Mañóns beach on the 22nd, with students from Abanqueiro and on the 23rd, in Barraña beach with the volunteers who want to join in. To join, please contact


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