Jealsa has always been beside the local athletes, supporting teams from different disciplines and categories to help them attain the greatest achievements.

We Sea, Jealsa’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, has taken part in the first week of Global CSR, the country’s first 100% virtual CSR event.

Jealsa, through We Sea and thanks to an innovative Circular Economy system, has managed to use up 100% of the fish that arrives at its premises.

The distinguished products were blind-tested by a panel of more than 80 consumers.

More than half of the tuna processed by Jealsa was caught by fishing vessels participating in Fishery Improvement Projects of the fisheries.

This activity is part of the programme «Caring for the Sea», promoted by the company Jealsa and the Ecomar Foundation.

Jealsa joins the solidarity milk collection and child vaccination campaigns promoted by «Obra Social la Caixa».

The company will activate a beach and coastal cleaning programme of the Galician coast as part of its commitment to the environment.

With this reduction, Jealsa has managed to use 50% less single-use plastics than the average level of the sector.

Marine Stewardship Council has announced that Jealsa has attained the MSC certification for its yellowfin tuna caught in the Atlantic Ocean.